Guided Walks

Le Petit Bois entrance

Guided Walks of the Petit Bois Trails

We invite you to join us during our interpretive walks to discover the history and natural beauty of the Petit Bois. Our guided tours will lead you through the Université Sainte-Anne Campus, situated in the middle of a wooded environment along the majestic shores of Saint Mary’s Bay. Observe local wildlife and plants. Learn about the biological studies of the duck and owl habitats. Discover the origins of the Petit Bois trails and our vision for green energy promotion.

Schedule: not available in 2021

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Stella Night Hike – Go Stargazing!

Have you ever gone for a night hike? ​​You are invited to take a walk in the night – your vision of the world will change!

When the sun sets, nature comes alive. Step away from the everyday world and discover wonders of the night on a very unique experience of the Acadian region of Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia.

Starting at dusk in front of the tallest wooden church in North America, you will see the dark sky come alive with constellations, planets, and the moon.

Witness the history of the stars, as Classical, Celtic and Mi’kmaw tales bring mythology and astronomy into plain view. How did Acadian colonists view the dark skies of Acadie? How did the Stella Maris – the Star of the Sea – guide Acadians in the New World?

Nature undergoes a wonderful transformation when the sun sets. During this night hike you will see how your 5 senses tune into a landscape lit by stars. We humans also change! Learn about how our bodies adapt to the night and how light pollution effects us in surprising ways.

Join Paul Lalonde for an adventure in the first UNESCO-certified Starlight Tourist Destination in North America – Acadian Skies and Mi’kmaq Lands. Paul will lead you through the woods and along the shores of Saint Mary’s Bay and you will see the world in a different light!

Schedule by reservations only:

Duration: 1.5 hours. Please contact Paul to confirm your place. Meet Paul at the Church Point Lighthouse.

Contact: 902-778-1049,

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