The new building is modeled on the shape of the original lighthouse and keeper’s house. Professor Shawn Craik and his students at Université Sainte-Anne’s biology department will use this building as a laboratory for their bird capture and banding activities. They study a number of bird species, set up nesting boxes in Le Petit Bois and also participate in a pan-American study that tracks the migratory patterns of the tiny northern saw-whet owl (Aegolius Acadicus).

In Spring 2017 the Church Point Lighthouse will be open for visitors. Interpretive panels and displays tell the history of the lighthouse, the tides and marine ecology of the area. A biology student will be on site to offer visitors an intertidal zone experience. This is an excellent spot for watching marine mammals and birds, as well as the spectacular sunsets on the bay, and because there are no streetlights here, it is also a great place to view the stars and meteorite showers in the night sky.

For a nighttime guided walking tour, contact the Visitor Information Centre in the Rendez-vous de la Baie, or visit for the schedule and contact information.


photos : Denise Saulnier

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